Dear Coronavirus, This is a special message for you... (Teil 1) (English)

20. März 2020

Prediger: Hope Media Europe, Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten | Series: Videoblog 2020 | Dear friends,

Because of the Coronavirus, GAiN Europe was canceled, but the European communication team came out with an EXTRAORDINARY project. The Coronavirus can stop interpersonal contacts, business meetings, or even church meetings, but it can’t stop communicators dedicated to God’s service.

During a Zoom video conference on Monday, amid the gloom and despair, they thought it might be positive to create a short clip they called “Dear Coronavirus”. The hashtag is #dearcoronavirus.

Over 40 countries responded, recording a few words, in their language, on their smartphone. The clip was produced in 48 hours in 32 languages. The result is astonishing!

Thank you to the GAiN Europe network; thank you to the EUD-TED-Hope Media Europe for this extraordinary production; thank you Corrado, Victor, Adrian, Klaus, and Norel for this brilliant initiative.

Now we need your involvement and promotion. I believe you can add more language. We need your support and commitment. Now it is up to you. We will promote #dearcoronavirus across social media in English. The full transcript in English and a clean version for you to subtitle in your language is available for download.

We need to make “viral” this positive message from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Please translate, promote, and share. It can be just one small part of us, making a big difference. Look to the clip and distribute it on your Social Media channels.

In your promotion, please use the hashtag #dearCoronaVirus. It is unique to us at the moment. If you wish, you can also use a second hashtag #GodIsInControl.

We may be separated by distance and shutdowns. We may be isolated and working from home – or even struggling with the virus itself – but thank you for being part of this positive initiative.

God bless and happy Sabbath.


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